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2. Not “Showing” Up. “Many writers forget the all-important basic writing advice ‘show, don’t tell,’” says Louise Sloan , deputy editor for Brown Alumni Magazine. “Make your point through personal anecdotes.” Midge Raymond , longtime writing instructor and co-founder of Ashland Creek Press, agrees that personal stories are a perfect vehicle for your point. “Personal essay writers need to keep in mind that readers want to be told a story,” she says. Raymond says she receives many submissions from foreign travelers who “write up, essentially, a description of that country without any personal element, without a narrative and without a character arc or any sort of personal revelation,” making it about as fun as your neighbor’s vacation slideshow. 3. Going Nowhere.

A good essay, like a road trip, takes you somewhere different from the place you started. Ideally, you’ll arrive at a new and relevant self-realization. But take your time with that journey and its details, says Parade Magazine senior editor Peter Smith . “The conclusions you eventually reach may seem like a given to you now, but if you jump straight to them, you’ll short pedal the amount of work you had to do to get there and rob the reader of what’s interesting about your story,” he explains. 4. Thinking It Must Be Dramatic. Unlike television movies, personal essays don’t have to be filled with tragedy to engage an audience. “A lot of writers fail to remember that great essays can be written about stuff that’s happy or funny,” says Sloan. “It doesn’t always have to be wrenching, and in fact, we’d often rather it weren’t!” Strong humor can really sell an essay, but don’t let it overshadow your point. “Some writers fall into the trap of using all their funny bits in one essay so that the piece becomes a rambling mess,” says Debe Tashjian Dockins , who coordinates the Erma Bombeck competition. “Stick to a couple of good ideas and incorporate them into one theme.” 5. Going Broad, Not Niche.